Like the Morning Star (bloodandsalsa) wrote in eumemics,
Like the Morning Star

Adventures in eumenmics?

Today in the development of ideas: Why do you think there is a significant subculture re-developing around Hermetic ideas, including Wicca, Thelema, and what not?   What does it indicate?  What determines the interest?

Why do idea like "As above, so below" re-circulate even though it has to be made increasing metaphorical to be meaningful since cosmology and astrophysics don't align as much as one would like.

Also, why are we trying to reinvent traditions of which we have almost no real evidence of what the ancient traditions were before they were Christianized. (This is not so much true for those based on Greek and Roman religion, but definitely in case in Saxon, Celtic, and North European religions. This is why so much work going back to the Vedas is used in reconstructing ancient Indo-European beliefs).

This is not an attack on these belief systems, I just want ideas on why they are resurging now?
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